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VMP-interior briefly

VMP-interior has designed medicine rooms, pharmacies and other health and wellbeing facilities for over 25 years. Our strong experience and our position as the market leader in the Finnish pharmacy sector is a true pull factor for our clients. Our actions are guided by curiosity, innovation and the will to develop highly functional solutions for our clients to use. Medicinal safety and utilization of robot technology are the latest additions to our scope of development. 

Medicinal facilities

When designing medicinal facilities, our main objectives are ergonomics, efficiency, safety and ease of storing. Thanks to our flexible furniture solutions, we can turn even the most challenging spaces into functional facilities.


Our pharmacy clients’ needs vary from minor ’facelifts’ to searching new facilities for their operations and developing their business. Having strong experience from their line of business, we know how to build pharmacies where employees are happy to work at – and that invite customers to an enjoyable atmosphere where they can explore the offering of the pharmacy.

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Furniture for medicinal facilities

Efficiency, saving space, safety and working ergonomics are the keywords that describe our medicinal facility furniture. Our easy-to-use furniture will enable smooth flow of working, satisfying the strict requirements for medicinal safety. Due to our modifiable furniture, the whole room can be utilized.

All the furniture included in our offering are made to last, so their life cycle costs are low. In addition, our shelf solutions can be modified if needed and re-installed in another way.

Pharmacy furniture

Our offering includes all the furniture needed in a modern pharmacy. Ergonomic, easy-to-use drawers for medicine, as well as functional and comfortable office furniture are designed for efficient working.

For customer spaces we can provide custom made counters, impressive shelf solutions and attention-drawing elements for interior decoration. Functional customer service counters are also available with electrical adjustment functions. With high quality furniture we can create a space where both customers and staff feel comfortable.

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Timo Hemmilä, timo.hemmila@vmp-interior.fi
tel. +35840 865 1264

Welcome to our showroom

Our showroom features furniture solutions for pharmacies and medicine rooms, glass wall systems, office furniture and interior decoration products, as well as the latest novelties, such as air-purifying green walls, medicine e-cabinet and the mobile robot. We have also built a whole medicine room into our showroom, where you can test our solutions de facto.

Our showroom is located at Hämeentie, Helsinki, where you are most welcome to explore our products and solutions and brainstorm with us!

Please contact us to schedule a meeting: vmp@vmp-interior.fi